09/25/2012 05:45 pm ET Updated Nov 25, 2012

Bills Impress, Again, With Win Over Browns

My reaction to this week's win against Cleveland was almost as lackluster as my excitement leading up to the game. I think I'm still suffering residual effects of Week 1's trauma at MetLife and have yet to fully lift the veil of numbness that overtook me that dark, dark day.

I spent most of the game freaking out over CJ Spiller. Not knowing the extent of his injury was torture and being the hypochondriac, overreact-or that I am, I spent the game creating worst case scenarios over four pitchers of beer and generally ignoring my drinking partner's attempts to sort of calm me down (Ladies, you know that men aren't great at that. When we're upset, we don't always want to be told "it'll be fine," we want you to mourn with us and say "you're right, this totally sucks and is basically the end of the world").

Anyway, here are eight things I think I learned from this week's game.

1) Ryan Fitzpatrick really does have Fitzmagic. I already knew this but it was even more apparent when he continued to lead the offense and get a passing game going when Spiller left the game. More than 200 yards and three touchdowns -- I can work with that.

2) The O-line has actually improved. These guys have born the brunt of my tough love but it's clear Fitz's protection has improved and before Spiller got hurt, the yards he was able to rack up speaks for itself -- he can't take off running if there's no route clear.

3) Chan Gailey is the man. Yes, he might have lost that challenge, but at least he threw the flag. Added bonus that losing a time out wasn't going to make or break the game at that point. I like coaches that actually know what they're doing and have a clear-cut vision for success. He has faith in his players and it shows.

4) I need to be slapped. I found a video of me making a bet with my friend that if the Bills made it to the postseason he'd take me to a game and if the Giants went to the postseason I'd take him to a game. My only hope is that he doesn't remember that interaction. I'm definitely deleting that video.

5) The defense is stepping up, especially on the ground. Interceptions are also a continuing trend. Just think, with a solid offense AND defense... ohhh, I can't even jinx things, you finish my sentence.

6) We might not be as golden on the ground as I previously thought. Tashard Choice put forth a remarkable effort but he's just not Spiller and FOR SURE is not Freddy J. Granted, he was kind of thrown into taking over as lead rusher, so I won't write him off just yet.

7) Mario Williams is, in fact, alive and well and on the starting lineup. He recorded his first sack and hit Brandon Weeden twice. It's about time.

8) If you equally share four pitchers of beer with one other person, you should eat more than six wings and one and a half sliders.