09/27/2010 12:55 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Trent Edwards Released From Bills

The Buffalo Bills announced on Monday, Sept. 27, that they've officially released QB Trent Edwards.

Interesting twist, interesting twist.

I wish you guys could do my happy dance with me and chant "oh yeah...oh yeah..." and chortle "woo woo, woo wooo" in a high pitched sing song-y voice. (Jumps with hands in the air, twirls a few times, a little booty shake with some old school heel kicks and spastic arm action)

Edward was benched for this week's game against New England and it seems that seat I'd hoped would be permanent has become something even better, beyond my wildest expectations: it's become non-existant!

Ryan Fitzpatricks' 2010 debut was so borderline amazing (more on that later) that Gailey has capped it off with the bold move of getting rid of Edwards all together. Two thumbs up.

Enjoy some Edwards statistics while we wait for more out of One Bills Drive, because don't forget, he didn't always suck.

-As a rookie, he stepped in for an injured J.P. Losman and helped the Bills to four victories in 2007.

-He went on to earn the starting job in 2008 and had his best season, completing more than 65 percent of his passes and throwing for just under 2,700 yards.

-But after a 5-1 start, the team could not put wins together and Edwards' play suffered with us only finishing 7-9.

-In 2009, all remnants of good gameplay went to hell as Edwards was timid and seemed downright scared, which I can't blame him for after suffering two concussions. He was benched Week 10 by interim head coach Perry Fewell and replaced by Fitz.

-Supposedly, Edwards "appeared to rebound under new head coach Chan Gailey with one of the most promising preseasons of his career," but that failed to come through during the first two games which we essentially threw away by giving him another chance as starter. Whoopsie. (ironically, we threw them away with barely ever throwing the ball)

-In his career with Buffalo, Edwards appeared in 34 games making 32 starts, threw for 5,739 yards, had 25 touchdowns and 27 interceptions.

Sorry things didn't work out. You're a nice guy and everything, and you could be kinda cute if you cut your hair, but this time it wasn't me, it was you.