09/02/2010 10:48 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Listen Up Bills Fans

BillsChick has been pretty quiet over here during the preseason. Here's why.

-It was hard to post at work and then my brain was fried when I got home...but now I have a computer from this decade so we're back in action.

-I haven't been paying too close attention to preseason gossip and games. It's for my sanity and yours. You all know my demeanor during the season so I felt it absolutely necessary to preserve my mental state for as long as possible. Don't worry, I'm still your trusty, a-little-too-hardcore BillsChick deep down, it's just not the right time to shine through yet.

-Even though I haven't been using up energy to analyze the preseason on here, that doesn't mean I've been completely out of the loop. I'll be able to provide you with knowledgable analysis, information and opinions in my usual crazy way. Never fear, Bills dears.

-This season I'm trying something new and I'd like you guys to try with me. I'm going to try my absolute hardest to remain positive. There's always the underlying positivity and hope, but it's usually buried beneath ranting. I vow to try my hardest to keep our attitudes on the straight and narrow for as long as possible, and that will be much easier to do if you guys do it with me. Let's not lament the mistakes made in games that we cannot fix. Let's just boost each other's spirits and look at what the next week hold. The key word here, though, is TRY. I can't promise anything.

-I want you guys to tell me what you want to read about, what you want to know about and what you want to discuss. A lot of us talk Bills 24/7 on Twitter, and that's great, but let's talk about it here too. Think about it: we have more than 140 characters to get our thoughts out so we won't be bombarding one another's @Reply columns with multiple tweets. You guys probably know I'm easily confused, so it takes me far too long to figure out which tweet came first and what order to read them in. Bottom line: don't' be afraid to use the comment area. =)

Check back for the VERY FIRST pre-game post of the 2010-11 season! Woo!

GO BILLS!!! Always BILLieve.