06/02/2010 11:27 am ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

'Prayers for Those Who Grieve' Hits Shelves

A couple months ago, I shared with you the story of the Kelly family, told to me in a very candid, vulnerable and open interview with Jilly Kelly, wife of Jim. She was gracious enough to reveal some of the most heartbreaking experiences the family overcame, letting me feel each ounce of pain as she relived it for me. Thank you, Jill.

In that same post I told you she was releasing three books, starting in June and culminating with the very powerful story of their son, Hunter, in September.

The first of these faith-driven books, "Prayers for Those Who Grieve," was released on June 1 and is available for purchase, Barnes & Noble, Borders, and more. (Visit under the "Author" section for a full list)

The book is a collection of prayers Jill put together to provide strength, comfort and hope for those grieving. The passages are accompanied by photographs by award-winning professional photographer Brody Wheeler.

Don't think that this book is only for those who have experienced a tragedy. I've read a few prayers from the book and the words Jill offers us can be touching to those who may just be having a bad day and even people who weren't brought up with religion (like myself), and getting to know her over the past several months, I think this is the purpose Jill ultimately wants the book to serve.

Prayers For Those Who Grieve
Is a whisper from the heart of Heaven,
A tender reminder, that when your heart is torn,
The unfailing grace and love of God holds you.
Press on dear friend...
You are loved more than you know.

Interact with Jill on her Facebook fan page, Twitter and, and don't forget to get your copy of "Prayer for Those Who Grieve." I've even provided some links directly to where you can buy it up above. You're welcome.