10/06/2014 09:53 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The Gift of Afro-Textured Hair In Pictures

The Gift of Afro-Textured Hair

Have you ever been bullied? Have you ever been made to feel "less than" over a characteristic that you could not control? What if you were bullied because of a gift that the Creator gave you? What if that very characteristic allows you to offer something amazing and unique to the world? Did you overcome it? That is exactly the storyline of my children's fable Sunne's Gift. Because celebrating difference is my mission, I will choose one gift to feature every week and celebrate it. The first gift is afro-textured hair. In addition to interviewing Lurie Favors of Afro-State of Mind about the steps needed to overcome hair-bullying directed at afro-textured hair, I contacted thought leaders and asked them why afro-textured hair is a gift. These are their responses.

Email me at if you have an inherent gift for which you have been bullied and you would like to discuss it through my series. Follow the series on the milestales facebook page. Check out my website at to learn more about Sunne's Gift. 2014-10-01-SunneCover.jpg