01/09/2013 12:18 pm ET Updated Mar 11, 2013

Joy Secret Number Four: Reverence

What is reverence? Reverence is that rare quality of being able to see the God in everything, to see the spiritual side of things and recognize the amazing nature of everyone and everything and how it all connects. It brings out true humility in us.

Luckily, we can start with simple, smaller steps.

For nature: What do you look at in life and gasp with awe and wonder? (That's reverence -- looking at everything with awe and wonder.)

Usually, it's a sunset or sunrise or some beautiful or magnificent aspect of nature. Or something gorgeous, like an amazing crystal structure. The majesty of nature often inspires us with awe and reverence.

For people: Sadly, very few of us are inspired in the same way to look at other humans. We revere all the wrong things: big houses, expensive jewelry, designer labels, fancy cars, fame, money, power. A lot of "things!"

How often do we look at another person and feel ourselves filling with awe?

In the early days of a relationship, we do it. We look at our new partner with starry eyes... we are in awe of our luck that this amazing person would pick us! And for the "honeymoon" period, we keep seeing the astonishing being of light that the person truly is -- and they see it in themselves.

And then, we start to see the warts on each other. And familiarity breeds irritation! Their little patterns and habits (we don't have any, of course) start to drive us nuts, and we are soon disrespectful, taking them for granted and seeing a black blob, not an astonishing being of light. And yet, this person is still the same inside!

Imagine every person you meet has a sign on their forehead: God lives here! Would you treat them differently? I suspect you would!

That's one of your new year missions, should you choose to accept it! To treat every person you meet with a sense of wonder, reverence, awe and respect. Actively look for their awesome nature!

Treat the environment with reverence: And to treat objects with care and concern, but not with the respect you need to be giving living creatures!

Pay attention to how wasteful you are of water and natural resources or paper and glass. Be conscious that each of us can and does make a difference every day, either positive or negative.

Turn the water off while you brush your teeth! Think about the number of paper towels you need to wipe something down. Recycle paper and bottles. Reuse containers.

Think about the way you live and do it with reverence for the environment.

For yourself! Have reverence for yourself! And your extraordinary spirit, body, mind, heart and soul. Your body accomplishes an astonishing array of incredible actions every moment of every day. You will suddenly treat it with great reverence when it stops working and you find yourself unwell or struggling for breath. But that may be too late.

Treat it well now, before you have to learn that nasty lesson.

Practice reverence every day:
- for yourself and others
- for your loved ones, friends and colleagues
- see and bring out the best in them; believe in them
- for the precious environment that gives you a home
- for everyone you meet
- for the animals who love us
- for your home and car and possessions; treat them with care but have reverence for people above your possessions
- for the extraordinary beauty of nature -- even in the tiniest ways -- everything in nature is a miracle!
- for all the miracles that the spiritual realms weave on your behalf every day

Here's to an awe-filled, reverence-filled. amazing 2013!

Amanda Gore

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