03/11/2008 06:32 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Investigating the Superdelegates: Phase II

Thought all the Democratic superdelegates were Congresspeople and a bunch of political insiders? Not so fast. These are just three of the 200 superdelegates HuffPost"s OffTheBus members have profiled as part of our Superdelegate Investigation.

*The host of the Ms. American Samoa Beauty Pageant, who owns the Fox-affiliated Malama TV and is about to open Pago Pago's second McDonalds.
*A former English and French teacher turned rancher who, according to the American Prospect, "ticked off her local library board" for purchasing the library a gift subscription to The Nation.
*A lawyer who occasionally moonlights as a Harry Truman impersonator, for which he's received high reviews.

With neither Obama or Clinton expected to win the absolute majority of the more than 4,000 Democratic delegates who ultimately elect the party nominee, the votes of the 795 so-called "superdelegates" will be needed this year to push one or the other candidate over the edge. But who are the Democratic superdelegates and what do they - as people - tell us about the Democratic Party? What are their political interests and pet issues?

These are just some of the questions we're trying to answer, and we need your help. SIGN UP to research one of the remaining superdelegates by sending an email to campaigntrail@ with "superdelegate" in the subject line.

All it takes are an hour or two of your time over the next week and an Internet connection. We'll provide you with a research form, research tips, and access to a chatroom where you can discuss your work with other OffTheBus members.

To date more than 200 OffTheBus members have completed more than 200 profiles, which we've donated to the Superdelegate Transparency Project. OffTheBus writers have used the profiles for more than a dozen stories, including Marc Cooper's "Clinton Campaign Cuts Back Wooing of Superdelegates" and John Tomasic's "California Superdelegates: No Brokered Convention."

Our goal is to publish a more exhaustive survey of the DNC superdelegates, but we can't do that until we've researched them all.

And, if you're still dying to know who I'm referring to above, they are (in order): Fagafaga Daniel Langkilde (American Samoa), Jean Lemire Dahlman (Montana), and Dan Slater (Colorado). You can find out more about them by going to OffTheBus"s Superdelegate Investigation page.