08/08/2007 05:41 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Our Big Interview with the GOP

Beverly Davis, OffTheBus reporter, has offered to pose your questions to the Republican presidential candidates who attend the Iowa Straw Poll this Saturday, August 11 in Ames, Iowa. A seasoned political journalist originally from Iowa, Davis is covering the Straw Poll for Austria's top weekly newsmagazine, PROFIL, and has offered to cover it for OffTheBus and in true OffTheBus fashion.

The Straw Poll is a non-binding election for Iowa Republican activists who attend the all-day event. In the past, the Straw Poll has been a harbinger of a candidate's strength in the first of the nation caucuses scheduled this coming January. So, while the Straw Poll doesn't give us definite answers, it does indicate which candidate the party's core supports.

What questions do you have for the candidates? Send us your questions at campaigntrail AT

Like the spin room post-debates, the candidates are swarmed by the press and public. Asking a question, let alone getting an answer, is a challenge. So, while Davis will take your questions with her, there is no guarantee that she'll be able to ask them.

When writing your questions keep in mind that concise questions will be easier for Davis to ask. When Davis states your questions, she'll attribute them to OffTheBussers, saying something like, "Jennifer Smith of Los Angeles California asks, 'Do you support privatizing Social Security?'" Unless it's important to set your question up with an anecdote or statistic, please keep your question to one sentence.

This is an excellent and different opportunity for us to shape coverage by working directly with the journalists who cover the election. Davis will post her exclusive interviews and reports on the ground to OffTheBus and the Huffington Post this Saturday.