09/04/2013 12:13 pm ET Updated Nov 04, 2013

The Syrian Tragedy: "Deus ex machina?''

There are enough reasons to believe that some kind of punitive action will take place in the coming hours or days.

Different in nature as well as in content compared to all previous interventions through the recent four seasons of the turmoil and continuous ups and downs in the MENA.

There are a thousand reasons to persecute the Syrian dictator.

Yet, there are four politico-military conditions that should be met:

-- a decisive in configuration and firepower force is needed to secure the effectiveness of any kind of military operation
-- a clear political aim/target has to be fixed
- the definition of ''success'' should be clear(ed) in advance
-- the political ''exit strategy'' definitely secured,to avoid premature ''mission accomplished'' celebrations

Last but not least: The ''Day After'' should be the outcome of meticulous orchestration and not a wishful- thinking political option.

How many of these conditions and to what extent are today met?