02/21/2014 03:25 pm ET Updated Apr 23, 2014

Jimmy Fallon for the Win on The Tonight Show

If you've been living under a rock, you might not have heard that Jimmy Fallon took over The Tonight Show on NBC by storm. Just four days into the gig, the show's roster of guests has included the likes of U2, Will Smith and Jerry Sienfeld. With several skits already going viral -- Jimmy Kimmel and Stephen Colbert better watch out for the new guy. (Did you see Stephen Colbert welcome Jimmy to the 11:35 time slot?)

Is the transition from Jay Leno to Jimmy Fallon news simply because it's out with the old and in with new? Is Jimmy just the new shiny thing on TV?  Hardly. The long-time comedian and social media genius spent the past four years earning late night cred on the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on NBC.

With the best band of all time, the Roots, as his wingmen, Late Night did some hilarious and endearing gigs. NBC News anchor Brian Williams slow jammed the news as did President Barack Obama. Justin Timberlake and Jimmy teamed up for the epically proportioned "History of Rap" four times. First Lady Michelle Obama taught us "How to Dougie" in "Evolution of Mom Dance." And who can forget when Bruce Springsteen and Jimmy Fallon, did an acoustic version of LMFAO's "Sexy and I know It."

It can be said, with guest like the Obamas, and a musical band like the Roots, how can anyone not succeed?  The truth is, even if one is at the right place and the right time in TV history, talent is still king. Stephen Colbert can't dance with Will Smith, Jimmy Kimmel can't sing or impersonate Neil Young, and David Letterman...  well, lets not go there.

A Tonight Show host that can sing, dance, act, tweet, chat and #hashtag might be just what the doctor ordered for late night TV. Tell us, do you have a favorite Jimmy Fallon moment?

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