09/10/2013 12:42 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Michael Kors, Look Out: Samsung Has a New Watch!

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Today Samsung announced its highly anticipated Smart Watch aptly name GALAXY Gear. Are people ready for the smart watch revolution? Do people even wear watches any more? I know my gadget king (@yourfate) who doesn't wear watches, is dying to try out this device aka watch.

Check it out here:

and here...

The important thing to note is that its not a phone...but with bluetooth you can use it to make calls. It also has a camera and will work with tons of apps.

Cool but is it a fashion faux pas?

Slap on a "Coach" or "MK" logo on it and I'm yours! But seriously Samsung I love the idea make it women friendly and come out with great stylish accessories...not only will men line up for it but women will come in groves.

Will Apple strike back? If the rumours are correct well find out sooner than later!

What do you think of  the Smart Watch / GALAXY gear? Share your thoughts in the  comments below.