06/01/2010 03:15 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

The Gaza Flotilla Is All the Proof You Need

So America, Europe and the World - I have a question for you:

What more proof do you need?

What more proof do you need to convince you to finally take action?

What more proof do you need to convince you, that these two children who have the audacity to call themselves "nations", will go on acting foolishly and kill each other until you put a stop to it?

What more proof do you need of Israeli immaturity?

Without going into the biggest crime of all - over 40 years of occupation - what government in their right minds sends an elite commando unit, armed to their teeth, trained to kill, to do policing at sea?

What kind of government doesn't take the time to think of a more clever way to stop a boat? It's really not that hard. And there was so much time to think. To prepare.

Sure, that boat should have been stopped. But are you telling me the great Jewish mind couldn't find a better way to stop a boat other than commandos sliding down ropes, with gloves on their hands and paintball rifles? Really?

And what more proof do you need of Palestinian immaturity?

Without getting into the crimes of Palestinians - terrorism, incitement and the Hamas rule of hatred - what kind of leadership, be it Palestinian or foreign peace activists, in their right minds tries to ram through a blockade of the strongest army in the Middle East?

What the organizers of that flotilla did was irresponsible - on the verge of gross negligence. Trying to get through that blockade was just like taking a truck full of supplies to one of the Gaza crossings and ramming it through the gate, even though the IDF told you to stop. Just because it happened at sea at lower speeds doesn't make a difference.

The whole idea was folly to begin with, almost as if the weakest kid in class would go up to the class bully and kick him in the knee, thinking he'll get away with it. There are smarter ways to deal with class bullies. Especially notoriously trigger-happy ones such as the IDF. Unless, of course, that's the result they were hoping for: blood. Which, if true, is just as sick.

And exactly what kind of peace flotilla carries weapons when they promised not to use violence? I saw those "peace activists" using their knives and metal sticks. Oh yes, it took me straight back to Haight-Ashbury.

So, now the investigations will begin. Who started? Who sounded the first shot? Who hit whom first? No! He hit me first! No I didn't! You hit me and then I just pushed you so you wouldn't hit me again! What??!? I pushed you?!?! You tripped me and then I got up and you pushed me!! Mommy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


And you just sit there and watch. And you demand "full investigations".

Oh yes, let's do that. Let's investigate, shall we? Because nobody knows what the problem is. The root cause. Nope. We must search, we must investigate. In fact, I can't think of a better way to spend our time as 1.5 million Palestinians and Gilad Shalit rot in Gaza.

Your upcoming investigations are useless. Your inevitable finger-pointing is futile.

And so far, America, Europe and the World - you have also been futile.

When will you understand that it's already out of our hands? That we have no control over it any more?

Honestly, what more proof do you need?