10/11/2013 09:45 am ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

What Did You Say No to by Saying Yes to Another?

Hate choosing one thing? One appetizer? One beau? One career? One restaurant? One pair of shoes?  One idea? Choosing one thing always eliminates another.

For me, that sucks the joy right out of my cells, and unfortunately the world works in ways where it demands us to choose one thing with definition. For instance, as in, "What do you do for a living?" or "What is your job title?" We are raised to look forward in life to defining ourselves so early in the game that a typical question to a 6-year-old is, "What do want to be when you grow up?" Answers always go like this: policeman, fireman, teacher, skateboarder, etc. To queried college-age students, as in "What is your major?" Looking always for definitions to wrap up realities in neat little self-limiting packages that belong, neatly stacked, on some labeled shelf for reference at some point in time.

I love to be open to all options in each unfolding, organically-grown moment as I need to be open as much as I need to breathe in air for life to continue through me. This allows me to play full-on in all of life's offering. These options are an every moment invitation, and the joy I feel when I can somehow create a composite meal, wardrobe, job, lover-reality -- out of all the pieces available to me -- is the kind of joy you cannot buy pre-made from anyone else. Mine alone with my heart print all over it. 

I was told that if I did not define myself in what I did in the world, others will, so I'd better get cracking with some working definition. This has been my life long frustration, because if and when I'd choose one, I did in fact not choose another, which as well describes another passionate potential of me.

I am a potential seeker.

I cannot and will not say no to any life force that reeks with any level of a life force of potentiality. That includes the most needy special education child or psychologically-dysfunctional adult. It would be akin to throwing the baby out with the bathwater. I hate cliches, but his one works.

My lane, if I had to pick one, would be a Venn diagram of a multiplicity of converging and emerging -- all at the same time -- realities. You see, each thing revealed to me compels me, draws me in, like voodoo, with a spell cast, and I more than willingly comply. The virtue and the liability of this is the magic wand I possess where I see the utmost of potential -- no matter how large or small -- in every moment, with and within every person, every circumstance and every bit of reality rolled out, and feel it is my personal gift to unwrap. I feel there is greatness waiting in each zip file of cloaked opportunity. Ah, that is the driving force of my life. To see the unseen, the latent potential, the what could be -- in the now. A bright spot waiting to be unearthed.

This apparition of possibility hovers over me night and day. If I am told something cannot be done or it is impossible or even not true, I'll simply throw a hot flash your way and heat my house and your house off of it.  It tempts me to take the challenge and see the Universal truth in it, whether shred, shard or boulder.  When one communicates limitation and constriction it is like kryptonite and hurts, devolves and creates a shrunken me.   

So it is a mission of mine to create a solution to the woes of our economy, whether in spirit, income and creative expression. How can any one person, choose ONE thing, in any ONE time and that, somehow is seen as the gold standard across the globe. 

Imagine then, a reality, whereby our parenting, teacher trainings and educational systems support people -- the greatest natural resource on the planet -- to be seen as expressed fractal prismatics living in a Venn World: inclusive, overlapping, multifaceted.

This Venn World could be an answer to prove that we can hold space for difference, diversity and dimension.

The side effect could be that we fall in love with ourselves, our relationships, our individual world, impacting the Universal world far deeper and wider, and live meaningful lives perhaps obliterating depression, suicide and divorce. This is part of evolving the nature of reality, in a new lane, The Venn, all-inclusive, Lane.

This could then be the new norm and one we would demand for ourselves and for each other. A reality whereby one supports the multi talents that we all possess but cannot express in a single job or definition. To me, the interpretation opens up a vast potential as far as creative solutions, thus inviting a more integrated and engaged populace. This can directly impact the psychology of our youth and present work force -- inspiring a real, authentic connection to the human experience, rather than those unhappy docs-bitter-lawyers-struggling artists all not working their juju in present conventional platforms. How freeing and how abundant it feels to know they don't have to pick one anything or something, and then show up and live life fully in every other relationship they have. Happier peeps. Possibilities are endless. I love it and would love to evolve it to a whole new level. 

So if you are willing to see no box to think out of, then connect to me. This is the age of reinventing a life worth living, globally. The UnConventional Intervention.