10/02/2012 06:22 pm ET Updated Dec 02, 2012

Spice Up Your Relationship with These 6 Tips

A big part of my job is helping people find their ideal matches and making introductions between the perfect couples. But oftentimes, couples in great relationships ask me for advice on how to change things up and keep the spark alive with their significant other.

Here are some quick, fresh tips anyone can apply and some new ideas to add to your mix with your beau or hubby.

All my best,

Your Favorite Matchmaker, Amy Laurent

1. Change it up your dates. Use your creativity every once in awhile, and don't stick to mainstays like dinner and a movie. Explore as a couple again and try a new activity together. Tango, anyone? Concerts are a great idea for doing something different yet sexy with your man. Pick a show you both like and it will give you the chance to cut loose, dance and listen to great tunes together. Perhaps choose a favorite band you both were into when you first met and strike up those sweet, great memories when you hear the songs all over again.

Don't underestimate the power of the simple things. Pack a picnic and head out to your local park or ride your bike to a relaxing spot. Especially if you're a busy couple, it's vital to take time to spend some quite time together and reconnect. As an added bonus, it's romantic and essentially free.

2. Changing it up isn't just for date night ideas. Turn up the sexy! Try having an intimate moment somewhere BESIDES the bedroom. A different part of the house can be all it takes to make things fun again. A change of venue goes a long way! Also, initiate once in awhile. Men love a girl who's confident enough in her sexuality to make a move. By initiating every so often, you'd be surprised at how easily it keeps him enamored. You don't have to be swinging from a trapeze but no one wants to eat Frosted Flakes for breakfast everyday for a month if you catch my drift!

3. You don't have to act like you're going to the Golden Globes every time you have a date with your man. But don't get so comfortable that you're always traipsing around in coffee-stained pajama pants or your Lululemons. Yes, I love mine too, and they certainly make everyone's rears look great -- but it would be nice to throw on a cute little dress for your beau or actually take out those sexy heels.

4. Keep your relationship fresh and sexy by not completely giving up your identity. Plenty of my male clients have told me they started losing interest in their girl as soon as she became completely dependent on him for her social life. Don't become a Clingy Cathy or a Needy Nelly.

5. It's easy to forget when you're with someone for awhile, but don't forget to compliment him. Tell him what he's doing right instead of always what could be changed. If you think he looks sexy, tell him.

6. Let's face it, we've all made our guy watch The Notebook or Bridget Jones's Diary (you know he secretly liked it) -- but it's important that you also open yourself up to his favorites. So whether it's Braveheart, The Hangover 2 or Monty Python, once in a while, let him pick the movie and watch with a smile. If you need to fill your mouth with popcorn to avoid making snarky comments, so be it! The key here is to be a team player. It's not ALWAYS about you. Try to wholeheartedly embrace (or try to embrace) something he loves too.

Amy Laurent is Author of "Eight Weeks to Everlasting; How to Get (and Keep!) the Guy You Want.