02/25/2016 01:38 pm ET Updated Feb 25, 2017

Spinning Toward the Bloom

Here we are, spinning around on this ball in the middle of a cosmic coincidence and everything around us is magical beyond understanding. We do our best to label things and create language around things, however, we know so little.

It is such a great mystery. Life is such a great mystery. What we do know is that everything seems to happen in cycles and circles and spirals. This is the ever expanding expressing nature of the world we live in and the life that we live of conscious and unconscious.

In the outside world we can look around at nature as a mirror to our inside world. The leaves fall from the tree and mix with the dirt, disintegrate and bloom again as grass. The empty space on the tree in inevitably filled with the beautiful green again when we spin back around to spring.

Our inside world is no different. There is a season for everything; grief, love, joy, solitude. It is always blooming inside of us, this changing environment of life as we know and experience it.

I know that for me, in this wonderful lifetime, the key to a blissful existence is recognizing that it is all passing and yet in this moment I can choose to be completely present with whatever condition I have created.

In other words, when I accept responsibility for my reality I am easily able to roll with spinning and make a conscious choice to flow toward a better perspective and therefore a better experience of reality. I can know, in this moment of pain, for instance, it might be helpful to another in the future and so my pain will not be for nothing.

Brilliant Master Universe makes use of everything and absolutely nothing is a waste if we are economical with our perception.

Today, I know that it is a shame to throw away even the smallest experience as being meaningless when every single thing is an opportunity to tune in, turn on, and rise up. I read a fabulous quote that said, "Even nature isn't always in bloom, so be patient with yourself." It is wonderful to allow ourselves the ability to process situations as slowly or as quickly as we need to. As long as we are headed toward a deeper understanding of our cycles and spirals and patterns we are doing great work.

Spin on, you glorious creature.

Listen to my classic song, "Must be the Moon" -- her cycles are ever endearing.