11/28/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Advice To Online Video: Go For The Jugular

Prediction: in this final countdown to the election, expect to see a whole lot more political videos popping up, sorta like the end of a fireworks show where the engineer just sends a gangload up at once, I predict it'll be something like that. And if I'm wrong, buy me a coke.

I'm not talking about clips from last Saturday's SNL (one of the greatest, most solid episodes in the last five years), but the homemade online video variety made by voters for voters. Not everyone can or wants to do the important door-to-door canvassing or phonebanking. Some voters instead choose to reach and influence each other through quick n' dirty film making and posting the goods online. It's art, it's self expression, it's honing entertainment skillz to send out an important message. Because, not only has this election been killer for SNL and David Alan Grier, but it's also made a starlet out of Obama Girl. So expect to see an influx of crazy-a videos all in the name of campaign 2008 and President Obama.

But in this example here, a little diddy comparing hockey moms and pit pulls, produced by Modern Jackass Magasin and starring the erudite virtuosos of Southern Mothers, well, I don't really know what their aim is except if you watch it really, really carefully you'll see it's sending a subliminal message to Sarah Palin telling her NOT to run for president in 2012. As my feminist, Cameroon trekking girlfriend said last night, "I vowed not to hate Palin but shes making it impossible." Ain't that the truth!

And now for the entertainment. Hockey Mom / Pitbull (Jockin' SP Remix) by Southern Mothers