11/14/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Retail Therapy Solutions: Hot, Useful, Affordable Fashion Fixes

Retail therapy is real, and it is dangerous. Who hasn't succumbed to shopping's siren call when things are this bleak, even if your checking account can't handle it? If you must feed the beast, do so with these affordable, useful, and hot shopping fixes. Walletpop's Megan Angelo round-ups 10 pick-me-up buys -- each under $20:


It happens every season -- designers bust out a color that you suddenly
can't imagine how you lived without. The problem? Their busting-out
medium usually consists of a coat or a shoe that costs hundreds of
dollars. The other problem? That same color you're suddenly dying to
wear may very well seem ridiculous to you when next season rolls
around. So the undeniably pragmatic place to put trendy shades is on
your nails -- and for my money, the smooth, long-lasting formulas from
Essie rule. This $17 set of minis will keep your digits on-trend.


Many guys I know -- none of them the fussy salon-product type -- swear by these grooming products (available at
and at Target). And I can see why -- with components like sandalwood
and mint, they're definitely a step up from the chemical-laden products
in the same aisle.


The last three winters have made it official: tights aren't going away.
In fact, they're only getting bigger -- where nude and black once
dominated, brights and patterns have broken in. Hue's styles
are affordable, fashion-forward, durable enough that you can count on
rocking your plum and teal legwear indefinitely -- and so eye-catching
that no one will notice you've been topping them with the same black
dress all season long."

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