05/23/2009 05:12 am ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

WATCH: Donna Karan On How Holistic Living Can Cut Your Medical Expenses

Yoga. I've tried this yoga. And I always end up the one in the class who the patient instructor has to hover over to make sure one of my flailing legs doesn't knock somebody out of their zen. Donna Karan, at her two day Urban Zen retreat on nutrition last week, assured me that yoga is as simple as being present. Simple relaxation methods such as yoga, loading up on veggies, and using breath to combat anxiety and stress have proven to reduce medical expenses.

In the video below, Karan shares some ways holistic living can reduce health care costs. I do have to say, she does share a great eating tip: soups made of all natural ingredients. She likes to toss some of her favorite veggies in a blender and slightly heat the mixture on the stove. I'm a big soup lover and could definitely incorporate something as simple and easy as blended-veggie soup into my Chinese take-out routine. Watch the video for more on how a downward dog a day keeps the doctor away. (Sorry, couldn't resist).