06/26/2014 07:08 am ET Updated Aug 25, 2014

Chris McDaniel Is a Sore Loser

Is it just me or is Chris McDaniel a really sore loser? Not only he delivered an angry non-concession speech on the election night, but at the time of this writing he still refuses to concede and threatens to sue. The gist of his complaint seems to be that some of the voters who just voted for Sen. Cochran in the primary are not going to vote for him in November (i.e. the Republican nomination for US Senate was decided by non-Republicans). So what? Nobody seriously doubts that Sen. Cochran will win in November. And the whole point of practical politics (as opposed to ideology) is to win the next vote. Not necessarily with the same coalition that was used to win the last one (in fact coalitions in the US Senate are quite fluid, resulting in legislature titles such as McCain-Feingold). So most of Mr. McDaniel's whining can really be boiled down to the simple fact that he was bested at coalition building by Mr. Cochran. It is customary in such situations to admit the defeat, congratulate your opponent and move on.