The Primary Season Is Over

What on earth is Newt doing?

He did not just lose the Florida primary, he lost it by a double-digit margin. Moreover, Romney received more votes than Gingrich and Santorum combined, so Newt cannot even complain about Santorum being a spoiler. And all that happened in a closed primary where independent voters (among whom Romney usually does very well) could not vote.

In his ungracious concession speech Newt talked about 46 more states to go. Well, his dysfunctional campaign actually failed to put him on the ballot in two big states (Missouri and Virginia), so make it 44. Newt has little money, not much of an organization, and his performance in Florida is not going to help on either count. In the meantime the campaign now goes into a stage where both things really matter, since primaries and caucuses will no longer be coming at a leisurely pace of one in ten days or so.

Until very recently Newt's strategy was to try to compensate for the lack of well-organized and well-funded campaign by impressing the voters in the debates. But the last two debates went bad for him, and there will be no more debates for three weeks. Also, with the possible exception of Michele Bachmann, there are no more high profile endorsements left for him to hope for. So what's the plan now?

Newt Gingrich knows he has no path to the nomination, and it is time for him to end this ego trip.