12/12/2012 06:17 pm ET Updated Feb 11, 2013

Wonderful Indian Circus Posters

In the tiny Indian village of Shravanabelagola, there was something wonderful this past weekend. Wheat-pasted to every surface -- crumbling walls and old wooden shop doors -- amazingly bizarre posters for the Jumbo Circus.

I'm not a huge circus fan. It's not that I have moral qualms... frankly, it's my own fragility. The dust, the animal hair, the crowds... it's all too much for me. But, these posters were gorgeous. Never have I wanted to go to a circus more.

Garish neon colors slapped across dirty litho prints -- text in Kannada, in English, in various shades of awesome. A swarthy lad in kurta jubba pajamas and a rollercoaster chapeau vomits buckets of goldfish into a tiny tank. A blonde krasotka balances 15 hula hoops on her remarkable hips, almost like a bangle-trapped fairy, while tricolor cardboard fireworks pop behind her. Cricket-playing elephants port garlands to cartoon Shiva linga.

"You can not miss this show," these posters cried.

Indian Circus Posters

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