06/08/2010 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

McCain's Mavericky Maverick Denial: The Videotape, Unlike the Senator, Doesn't Lie.

What the f**k is happening to Sen. John McCain? This dude's starting to resemble a bad train-wrecky realty show. Could "Mortifying Missteps by the Maverick" soon be giving "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" a run for its money? The once highly-respected independent-thinking "maverick" seems to have gone bonkers, no doubt brought on by his cornered-rat-like panic and desperation as August's GOP primary nears and many signs point to a stunning re-election loss to challenger J.D. Hayworth. I suppose fear of unemployment makes a man do crazy things...

The unraveling is reaching a bizarre peak. A couple of weeks ago McCrusty did the unthinkable: he brought hopey-changey mavericky Sarah Palin to Arizona to campaign with him. By golly, this is the same Palin who almost single-handedly imploded McCain's 2008 presidential bid. The same Palin who, you betchya, was called a diva and a nit-wit by top McCain advisors post-election. But also the same Palin who seems to be the Tea Baggers' porn star. And without those angry, deficit-hatin' Tea Baggers, who prefer Hayworth, McCain's reality-show days could be rapidly approaching. But, the Arizonans who voted for McCain all these years aren't Tea Baggers. In fact, they like him because he's a maverick.

Which brings us to meltdown #2. Over the weekend McCain shockingly claimed to Newsweek: "I never considered myself a maverick."

Excuse me? Really? Never considered himself a maverick? Are you kidding? As Jon Stewart pointed out, this would be like Rudy Giuliani saying "I never said 9-11." So just in case Sen. McCain, or anyone else for that matter, needs a little reminder as to the Senator's awesomely mavericky status...the video above gives it to ya straight from the maverick's mouth.

Oh Johnny boy, I guess we hardly knew ye....