09/16/2014 03:41 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

See London as Sherlock

Fancy a London adventure, Watson?

These days the pop culture world is abuzz with one name: Sherlock. After sweeping the recent Emmy awards, the BBC show, which has become a raging success, was brought to the forefront of everyone's attention. Although the Sherlock Holmes character has taken many forms since his original introduction to the public, perhaps the most unique and memorable to date is the Sherlock brought to life by BBC's Benedict Cumberbatch.


Thanks to Cumberbatch's hilarious and charming portrayal of Sherlock a whole new generation of followers has joined the loyal Sherlock fan base. Perhaps the only thing easier to fall in love with in the show than the dynamic characters is London itself. From the moment the opening credits begin London captures the viewer and inspires a dreams of a London adventure. The show perfectly captures London and balances out the world famous sights with lesser-known areas of town, the old with the new, and the real with the make believe. The decision to focus on such a variety of filming locations makes the city appealing to all types of viewers and instills a little London wanderlust in all who tune in.

A day in London dedicated to a Sherlock Holmes pilgrimage can't begin anywhere but Holmes' flat at 221 B Baker Street, of course. In modern day London you'll find not only 221B, but also much of Baker Street has become a shrine to the world's most famous detective and his best friend Watson. Start off the morning on Baker Street where you can visit the Sherlock Holmes Museum, which currently inhabits 221B, and a Sherlock themed tube stop. With the show's recent success the numbers of fellow fans have grown, so be prepared to fight some crowds.


Make sure you work up an appetite while exploring Baker Street because just a 15-minute ride away is Speedy's Sandwich Bar. The little joint has been made famous by multiple appearances on the show as the place just downstairs from 221B. Holmes and Watson share countless meals at Speedy's and you can eat the Sherlock and Watson Wraps in the exact place their namesakes dine on the show.

Although the show's title montage opens with the bright lights of Piccadilly Circus, it's really the perfect place to end the day. Once the sun goes down Piccadilly Circus lights up and you can take in a place where old and new London come together. The fact of the matter is, with a legacy as longstanding as that of Sherlock Holmes all of London has turned into a pilgrimage for fans. From Buckingham Palace and the London Eye, to China Town and the Millennium Bridge with each new episode new parts of the city are brought to the attention of viewers everywhere.