03/27/2015 01:16 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Why I am a New Yorker

(Angela Vitaliano)

When I moved to New York, it was this time of the year. I was scared. I was broken. I was sad. And I missed my home country and my family and friends.

But now, even though you might still object that I am not, I feel part of it. I love this city: it's home for me. And I truly adore New Yorkers: they are kind, friendly, discrete, funny, smart, ready to help, sometimes crazy, super busy and always in a rush, but also always ready to smile or to offer you a shoulder if you need. So this is why I think I deserve to be considered a New Yorker as well.

1. I go fast
2. I kissed someone in the street while it was snowing
3. I was in a long line to get tickets for "Sex and the City - the Movie"
4. I go to the gym (and I actually work out)
5. I ride my bike (all over the city) and I carry it on my shoulder back home

(Angela Vitaliano)

6. I lived in an apartment with mice and cockroaches
7. I had my personal stalker
8. I cried, sitting at the window like Rachel in Friends
9. I got lost downtown
10. I like Iced Coffee and I drink Cappuccino after lunch and dinner
11. I eat "everything bagels" with cream cheese
12. I drink Cosmopolitan and Vodka Tonic (I barely had any wine before to move here)
13. I had an empty wallet and I found it kind of "romantic"
14. I have a positive attitude
15. I take the subway alone at 3 a.m. and I am always surprised about how crowded it is
16. I was rescued by firefighters
17. I meditate
18. I learnt to say "I want to speak with a supervisor"
19. I had a first date at midnight in a French bistro
20. I went to the movie theater in the morning
21. I keep meeting celebrities (and I had a special nice conversation with Cynthia Nixon at a Japanese restaurant)
22. I was at the baseball game and I loved it (even though I didn't get it)
23. I watched a Knicks' game at Madison Square Garden; I had floor tickets and John McEnroe was sitting two seats away
24. I eat Japanese, Vietnamese, Mexican, Thai, Vegan, Cuban but only in places with an A
25. I danced in the street with someone I didn't know
26. I fell
27. I got back on my feet
28. I spent a Christmas all alone and I hated that
29. I love Thanksgiving
30. I am an early riser
31. I have one of those bracelets that keep track of everything you do (almost)
32. I found 10,000 dollars in my bank account and I gave them back
33. I have friends of any ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion and even some Republicans ;)
34. I have (and love) Obamacare
35. I walked Dorothy (my dog) in my PJs
36. I shop online
37. I can walk in heels (and I love that)
38. I say "motherf****" many times during the day
39. I finally fell in love with myself, and it was about time
40. I go to the sex shop as I go to the Lockersmith
41. I use jars as glasses
42. I have brunch on Sundays
43. I know how much to tip
44. I can spell my last name very quickly (you try to do that in the Italian way!!!!)
45. I watch Jon Stewart
46. I can watch movies filmed in New York and guess the locations
47. I like Gray's Papaya but also "my" hot dog guy on Central Park West

(Angela Vitaliano)

48. I check the forecast before going out
49. I have Netflix
50. I say "when" and I stopped saying "if"

Angela Vitaliano