03/20/2013 01:59 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The Secret to Happiness

Dozens of books and hundreds of blogs are written expounding the secrets of happiness. Well, who wouldn't like to learn some "secrets" to unlocking their inner happiness?

At a recent Looking Beyond charity luncheon, I got the opportunity to ask two very special people what their secret to happiness is.

Claire Wineland is a 15-year-old with cystic fibrosis, a genetic degenerative disease that affects the lungs, pancreas and the digestive system. She has spent close to half her life in the hospital and has undergone 24 surgeries. Right until the day before receiving the Soaring Spirit Award at the luncheon, she was in the hospital and had undergone three procedures. Yet she arrived on March 12 radiating such optimism and joy that left the 450 attendees simply awestruck. This is Claire's secret to happiness:

The talented actress and model Molly Sims was the presenter of the Soaring Spirit Award at the luncheon. An active humanitarian, Molly puts much of her efforts behind children's causes. It is apparent that Molly's decision to give back is one her sources for joy. Here is what Molly had to say about her secret to happiness:

If I had a takeaway from the two inspirational speakers for the day, it would be that kindness is contagious and it leads to greater benefits for the giver and that happiness is about wanting what you already have.

As Claire Wineland so eloquently put it:

My life is filled with beautiful moments. Beauty is everywhere, even in the hospital for me. Everyone has these preconceived notions that because of I have cystic fibrosis, my life is harder. I want to break those notions, and I wanted to explain that my life is really beautiful and I love it.

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