12/19/2013 02:24 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

46 Percent of Women Think Holiday Shopping Trips Are Worse Than the DMV

Holiday shopping statistics and projections are rolling in, and they're already naming the shopping trends in progress this year. For example, a National Retail Federation survey revealed about 50 percent of holiday shoppers say they're going to do the rest of their holiday shopping online -- the largest amount in the survey's history of 11 years. This isn't surprising as multiple studies have shown growth in online shopping.

However, a recent study by eBay Deals took a different approach by breaking down shopping behaviors -- like online shopping -- by gender. For instance, the survey showed women tend to do more online holiday shopping, but men tend to do more online deal-based shopping than women do. More men go shopping online during major retail discount days: Thanksgiving Day (78 percent of men vs. 55 percent of women), Black Friday (82 percent vs. 51 percent) and Cyber Monday (83 percent vs. 52 percent).

Their survey explores other topic areas, as well, like overall discount-related behaviors. This is especially interesting since according to an Accenture survey, most people will have bought 50 percent to 75 percent of their holiday purchases at a discount. This seems to match the eBay results, with 85 percent of men and 77 percent of women saying they actively seek out deals when holiday shopping. Despite having smaller budgets and searching for savings, men still tend to go over their budgets about 19 percent more than women do.

The survey also addresses gift purchasing decisions and overall shopping perspectives. It turns out 78 percent of men think holiday shopping is more stressful than going to the DMV. To get more insight on the way each gender shops for the holidays, check out the flip book below.

via eBay Deals