03/17/2009 05:12 am ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

5 Ways To Turn On The Power Of Your Love

"We look forward to the time when the Power of Love will replace the Love of Power. Then will our world know the blessings of Peace."
William E. Gladstone

Around the middle of February, I feel the first signs of spring taking place. The days have been gradually getting longer. As a northern hemisphere person, I notice new growth happening in nature, green shoots, buds on trees. It is an invitation to me to bring forward more of my life, my optimism, my joy.

Through a response to my recent Possible Dream post I had the pleasure of meeting June Sarpong whose website, Politics And The City, is presently up for a Hansard Society award. She brought together a group of inspiring friends for a Possible Dream meeting in London.

It was humbling to meet people, from many parts of the world, offering some incredible gifts of service, Global Angels being one. Nowhere in the discussion was mention of the downside of global change. The conversation focussed on what was important for each person, and how they might move forward to accomplish it.

The afternoon's gathering reaffirmed for me, once again, that no matter what is going on in news of the world around us, the human spirit is indomitable. And more than that: it will look at a "bad" situation and make something really good of it.

Another word for the human spirit I see as loving.

"A simple choice to be loving, even just for yourself, changes your life forever."

John Morton
from You Are the Blessings

Through the power of our loving, we can turn our lives around. Here are 5 ways to do so.

1. The Power of Acceptance

Are you a self-saboteur, someone who focusses more on your faults, weaknesses, limitations or self-doubt? What if you were to recognize the strengths of your natural God-given life force? In difficult times, we need to fully accept our qualities - things like kindness, persistence, faith - the good we have going for us, to enable us to best cope.

With acceptance of yourself, another person, or the uncertainties you may be facing, you place yourself in a position to be capable, creative and to take the next positive step forward, even if it is only a small one.

"Love the one you are with. That will always include you."

John Morton from You Are the Blessings

2. The Power of Imagination

The beauty of being in a period of profound change is that you are freer to create more of what you really want. There is less holding you back.

The computer you are now sitting at was once a figment of someone's imagination. What improvements can you imagine for, say, your family life - more time simply doing things together perhaps?

In a better world, what would you like to see taking place - and how can you get involved in bringing it about?

"The man who has no imagination has no wings."
Muhammad Ali

3. The Power of Gratitude

With so much loss happening, it is more important than ever to focus on being grateful for all that we do have.

Above all, we need to appreciate ourselves and one another and to express our appreciation. You notice a job well done? Tell the person. You got through a difficult day? Pat yourself on the back. You observe a kindness being extended? Appreciate the giver.

The amazing thing is the more you appreciate how little you may have, the less you have need for more. You will find yourself feeling happier, more peaceful and content. It is within your power.

"The deepest craving of human nature is the need to be appreciated."
William James

4. The Power of Humour

Have you ever suffered a sense of humour failure? When we are feeling stressed, it is all too easy to lose perspective, to perhaps feel self-important or self-righteous.

To turn on the power of humour, take a deep breath, relax and look for the funny side of life. Laughter can lift you above a situation that seems catastrophic. The "hu" in humour has the sanskrit meaning of "God". With humour, we bless ourselves and others with gifts of divinity.

If you feel in need of a boost of humour now, you might like to visit Dr Robert Holden's Inspiration Room:

"Don't take life too seriously - you will never get out of it alive."

5. The Power of Forgiving

When forgiveness is difficult, it invites the deepest reaches of our loving. The pain of my divorce caused me to explore self-forgiving.

The energy of forgiving in my experience is very pure, gentle and in this way penetrates and dissolves the hardest of places we may have locked away inside ourselves.

For 10 years, I held the vision that 15th March be celebrated annually and globally as International Forgiving Day. It was an idea - still yet to find its time. Holding the vision each year taught me a lot about the process of forgiving. I discovered how very powerful it is.

"It is by forgiving that one is forgiven."
Mother Teresa

Have you found any ways to transform difficult circumstances into blessings of some kind? Have you noticed with all of the challenges people are meeting that there is more loving being expressed? How are you using your loving to get you through the issues you are facing.

I would love to hear from you, either as a comment here or contact me at Clear Results.