05/25/2012 06:02 pm ET Updated Jul 25, 2012

A Weekend for Superheroes

I am searching for a Captain America t-shirt. Not for me of course, but for my 15-year old daughter. I took my children to see the blockbuster movie, The Avengers, on Mother's Day and ever since, she cannot stop talking about Captain America.

It is easy to understand why. He is strong and courageous, honest and true. He has no ego and his actions are always to care for others. Captain America never gives up and never gives in.

My daughter is also quick to add that he is hot.

It is interesting that in a movie filled with superheroes, my daughter has chosen Captain America as her favorite. He is not the strongest. That honor goes to The Hulk. The funniest would be Ironman. I personally think that Thor was hotter (and men would favor the Black Widow). Hawkeye is also pretty cool with his bow and arrows. And yet, my daughter, and thousands more, favor Captain America.

Ultimately, it is Captain America who best represents a hero because he has a pure heart. Although his strength helps him fight the villains, his honesty and unwavering morals is what sets him apart from those that are stronger. The other superheroes fall short in spite of their physical strength and cool toys.

As we approach Memorial Day, we honor thousands of men and women who have given their lives for this country. They are not flawless, yet, their hearts led them into battle. They made the ultimate sacrifice, and each were prepared to do so. None wore a tight, flashy suit -- but their actions demonstrated courage and strength.

This weekend, there will be a number of events throughout the country to honor these fallen heroes. Parades, memorial services, races and more. I encourage all of you to take just a little time in your weekend to attend one of these events with your children. Trust me -- your children will recognize true heroism when they see it. You just need to give them the opportunity.