10/28/2010 02:33 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Can Somebody Give John Stamos His Own Show Already?

If The Rocky Horror Picture Show is ever remade, let it be known that the official lobbying campaign for John Stamos as Eddie began with "The Rocky Horror Glee Show." Was this, in fact, a good episode of Glee? Who cares! John Stamos made his return as Dr. Carl in an appearance that transformed into an homage to Meat Loaf, Uncle Jesse, and the 1980s. The entire decade.

You see, John Stamos is eighties. No qualifiers or auxiliary verbs necessary. From his facial expressions to his ability to pull off head-to-toe leather, to the salt and pepper hair, the man has retained this loose eighties vibe that makes the Stamos persona forever connected to his stint as Uncle Jesse on Full House. A persona that had him rocking leather, a mullet and jam sessions with The Beach Boys. All of which is still believable when considering present day Stamos, and especially after watching him sing and dance his heart out on Glee. He is forever Uncle Jesse.

But back to everyone's favorite dentist. It's nice to see Emma (Jayma Mays) have a connection with Dr. Carl. I mean, those two have some real chemistry, don't you think? Far better than she does with resident creeper and most inappropriate teacher ever, Mr. Schuester (Matthew Morrison). Yes, I'm completely biased toward Stamos, but Mr. Schue makes me cringe. If I could I would fast forward through all his scenes (in fact, sometimes I do). Then there's Dr. Carl. Cool Carl, the Rocky Horror Picture Show Aficionado, the guy who drives through a wall with a saxophone strapped across his back. Fine, he was in character as RHPS's Eddie, but it had me wondering why Dr. Carl isn't a full time member of the Glee cast.

Better yet, can someone give John Stamos his own show already? We could use a little more Stamos in our lives. By the way, I'd be totally amenable to making a cameo. You know, in case you were considering a Stamos vs. Stamos segment or something.

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