07/15/2014 04:42 pm ET Updated Sep 14, 2014

Why I. Marlene King Is the Bane of My Life


Warning: minor/major spoilers in this blog.

So, I've just finished my exams and I have a long, long summer ahead. I have many choices of things to do. Shall I start a project like a band? Go on holiday? Get a summer job? Do some charity work? Or shall I binge watch Pretty Little Liars whilst stuffing my face and looking like a hobo despite having stuff to do? Sounds about right. Though I do have a job and I am going on holiday, I can say that the majority of my summer will include PLL, messy buns and sticky buns. Well actually, I don't eat sticky buns but close enough. So, all my exams finished and PLL is my version of living the high life, this doesn't exactly fit the title of this blog. For those who don't know, I. Marlene King has several jobs; writing my guilty pleasure/obsession, producing the beauty which is now becoming my life and ruining my short existence.

I've stated that I watch a few movies but currently I feel the need to binge-watch things. Movies are not doing it for me anymore. I need long continuous series. I made it through The 100 very quickly and it helped me through my exams. My dad called me up far too early on a Monday morning and said a load of stuff I wasn't listening to and then all I heard were those three words and I knew. I knew that it was next. I knew Pretty Little Liars was a bad idea. I knew it would ruin my life but I still wanted it. So, I'd already previously watched seasons 1-2 fully and the first half of season 3, up until the beautiful Adam Lambert made a guest appearance. I started from that episode and there was no going back.

I had previously been introduced to I. Marlene King. Watching the series before, I could only dream of the horrors that were in store for me now. Nothing could be as horrifying as the turmoil that woman has put me through in almost four seasons of Hell.

After sending one of the characters I identify most with to a mental institution along with breaking up two out of three of my OTPs, I didn't think I could bare it anymore. That was until she ruined my third and final OTP. There is nothing King can do. She has set the ball rolling. Nothing she has done can be undone now. So, I am exaggerating a little. She undestroyed one OTP but if she honestly undoes all the wrongs done, I'm going to start worrying. Since Tyler Blackburn skipped town, I wondered if there was any possible reason to continue watching. And oh there is. Those blue eyes and stunning good looks... Sasha Pieterse is in the series more and I am loving her hair in season four so far. Though that wasn't who I was describing... Luke Kleintank has wandered into my life, and Hanna's, and had us both swooning. I'm sure we're both wondering where he has been all our lives and maybe even asking Caleb who? So I might not go that far but he could definitely still come back, hey Marlene? Or is that too much to ask...

After far too many deaths and oh so many tears, mainly from me, my current best friend, Marlene, needs to quit acting like a frenemy and start making people happy. Preferably by not killing those I love, *cough* Maya *cough*, or putting people's mum's in jail... However, though she is the bane of my life, I'm pretty certain the series would be a little more dull without her...

So I say, thank you I. Marlene King for making me a paranoid mess that resembles a hobo, I do, in fact, appreciate it! Anyway!

All my love,

Anna x