01/06/2011 07:54 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Crime is Down. For a Reason.

The 2010 Crime Stats are in, and for the 8th straight year, crime in Los Angeles is down.

While crime in other cities is going up, Los Angeles is safer than it's been in decades because City leadership--my office, City Council, and the Police Commission--has been committed to backing Chief Charlie Beck and maintaining the size of our police force.

In short, crime is at a record low because our police force is at a record high.

During these tough economic times, many expected our hard won gains in crime reduction to recede. Indeed, some even argued that trimming our police force was a necessary sacrifice if we were going to balance our books.

But we insisted that public safety was non-negotiable, and continued to grow our department. The results speak for themselves.

• Violent Crime is down 11.1%, and Property Crime is down 5.8%

• There are fewer Violent Crimes and thefts in Los Angeles than at any point since 1959

• The homicide rate is lower than it's been since 1964

• Gang Crime is down 11.3%, translating to 700 fewer gang-related crimes

• Crime is down in each of the LAPD's 21 areas of Los Angeles

• Violent Crime is down 30.6% since 2005.

The bravery of our officers, the leadership of our chief, and the size of our department have allowed us to engage in real community policing, and execute a comprehensive gang reduction strategy focused on prevention and intervention. Combined, these factors have all contributed to the remarkable year-end crime statistics.

It's been a hard, long road, but the LAPD is now one of the most innovative, professional police forces in the world. One that not only has the respect and the cooperation of the community it serves, but one that reflects the diversity and size of our great metropolis.

Public Safety is the cornerstone of a healthy city. Because our streets are safe, businesses can grow, tourists can visit, and our communities can thrive.

So even though we continue to face a tough economic climate, I will not waiver on this commitment: we will not turn back on the progress we've made. Public Safety is, and will remain, our first priority.

You can download the year-end crime stats report here.