05/10/2010 03:13 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Ten Questions in Ten Minutes, for LA's Next Ten Years

The Census forms are here, and this morning I filled mine out and sent it off. By taking ten minutes to answer the ten simple questions on the form, I've helped make sure LA get's it's fair share of federal support in the next decade.

I just sent out an email urging my fellow Angelenos to send in their filled-out forms, and to spread the word that counting every Angeleno is critical to the future of our city.

Some quick facts:

1. In the 2000 Census, 76,8000 Angelenos went uncounted. This was the second highest undercount in the nation.

2. Undercounting cost Los Angeles $206 million last time. We simply cannot afford that this time.

3. The Census is completely confidential. The information you give will only be used to gain an accurate count of the people living in Los Angeles.

Here's the full email:

My fellow Angelenos,

I just took ten minutes to fill out the ten questions in my Census form, and I'm encouraging all Angelenos to do the same. It's critical to your community and your city that you make yourself count in this year's Census.

Your participation will help decide the future of our City for the next ten years. The census determines the number of representatives we'll send to Washington, the amount of child-care and senior centers we'll have, and the level of federal funding we'll receive.

Yet, with each new decade, the census still manages to miss some of our most vulnerable residents: young children in low-income homes, large families living under one roof, minorities, renters, recent immigrants, and the homeless.In the 2000 census, it is estimated that 76,8000 Angelenos went uncounted. This was the second highest undercount in the nation.

What did the undercount mean for the City of Los Angeles? The loss of $206 million. In our dire economic climate, we simply cannot afford to leave that money on the table.

All of you should have already received your census forms in the mail this week, so if you have any questions or did not receive your form, please visit one the many Assistance Centers opening across the City tomorrow. To find out where the nearest one is located, call the City Hall info line, 3-1-1.

With only thirteen days left until National Census Day, we need your help to represent the interests of four million Angelenos. Because each census form represents about $2700 in federal funding for your community, we need you to not only turn in your own form, but bring up the census to your friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors, and tell them what the census means to their city and their community.

Tell them it is safe, confidential, and easy. Tell them that it will make a real difference in the future of our City. And tell them that by standing up and being counted, they will assume their rightful place in America's story.

Thank you,
Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa

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