10/08/2010 01:47 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

A Pitch for Obama to Come to the City of Cleveland

October 17, 2010, President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama are making a campaign run together, a first since he became president. This stop is in Ohio, a swing state. Presidential spokesman Robert Gibbs contends, "The president was scheduled to be there -- to be in Columbus later that day. He will travel for a fundraiser for Governor Strickland. They will then head to Columbus, Ohio, for the previously announced DNC rally."

The president is appearing in the Cleveland area with Mrs. Obama, who has been named by Forbes Magazine, the most powerful woman in the world. Democratic insiders feel Mrs. Obama is an asset for the party. Mrs. Obama's approval ratings are higher than her husband's. His ratings are in the 40 percentile range. Mrs. Obama's ratings are in the 50s. Her poll numbers dipped from 64 percent after a controversial vacation to Spain.

Ohio Congresswoman Marcia Fudge was invited to one of the Ohio Obama appearances but she says the president needs to "rethink coming into a community where people are sure to vote!"

Since President Obama won the Oval Office he has traveled to the Cleveland suburbs of Parma, Shaker Heights and Strongsville, never the City of Cleveland.

Fudge has made the case for the city of Cleveland saying it deserves a presidential visit as it has a "20 percent unemployment rate and 17 thousand vacant homes." Congresswoman Fudge contends, "I would certainly hope that, this time as we get so closer to election day, that he would take the time to come and talk to the people, his base. To people who are looking to hear from him. He needs to come to the City of Cleveland. He needs to come into the heart of the community." Utimately Fudge wants the president to talk with "everyday folks" and "people who are in the most need." Fudge says, "that's in the City of Cleveland."