03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

HuffPost Turns Over the Top of Every Section to All the Ways We Can Help in Haiti

As the crisis in Haiti escalates, we have decided to turn over the top of our home page and each of our 17 sections to the relief efforts, and the many different ways we can all help. This moment of human tragedy and intense suffering is also a great opportunity to tap into our better instincts of empathy and compassion -- and take action.

Leading the way is our HuffPost Impact section, with its comprehensive coverage of the ways we can each make a difference in the shattered lives of those in Haiti.

Technology shows us the impact of "Mobile Mobilization" and new online responses to the earthquake, along with a roundup of how college students around the country have risen to the occasion.

Politics looks at the different approaches Washington is taking to helping Haiti, from legislation in Congress to fundraising on K Street to appeals from elected officials.

Entertainment looks at both the traditional and the surprising ways celebrities are supporting Haiti relief efforts.

Sports features coverage of the ways athletes, leagues, and teams are responding.

Media highlights how the news networks are "doubling down" on their Haiti coverage.

Business looks at how the corporate world is stepping up and pitching in.

Style shows us how the fashion world is rallying to the cause.

Living leads with a post by Jeremy Rifkin on "the earthquake that triggered a global empathic response"... and what the Haitian crisis tells us about human nature.

Comedy leads with David Letterman's heartfelt appeal to viewers.

World continues its ongoing liveblog, including news of the struggle to bring relief to Haiti.

Green focuses on the environmental impact of the earthquake.

Books highlights what the publishing world is doing, as well as partnering with The New York Review of Books to spotlight great writing about Haiti.

And our local sections are covering how the people of New York, Los Angeles, Denver, and Chicago are responding. For example, how Tigeorge's Chicken in LA has become the hub for Angelenos looking to help Haiti.

So give these sections a look... and give whatever you can to help alleviate the suffering of the people of Haiti.

Check out this slideshow of the tops of all the sections:

HuffPost Aiding Haiti Relief Efforts