10/05/2005 06:06 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Judy Miller Roundup

The blogosphere is buzzing about the spectacle of Judy Miller on Lou Dobbs, and Judy Miller in general:

TalkLeft looks at the legal implications

href="">FishBowlDC: "they each praised how wonderful the other was."

Wonkette: St. Judy and the Dragon

Gawker: Judith Miller Did It For You, the Little People

Atrios: "Who knows how lives could've been improved if Judy had spent her time covering prison conditions rather than pushing phantom threats."

And Crooks and Liars has the video: "Lou Dobbs: Judy's Knight in Shining Armor"

And here on HuffPost:

Steve Clemons: Judith Miller: The Grossest Kind of War-Profiteer

Jay Rosen: News Comes in Code: Judy Miller's Return to the Times

Robert A George: The True Miller's Tale?

And the New York Observer has an excellent article on "Cool Hand Judy" by Anna Schneider-Mayerson, Tom Scocca and Gabriel Sherman.