07/02/2005 07:55 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Reader Questions for Russert

It’s Saturday, and faithful Russertwatchers know that means more questions for Russert before tomorrow’s Meet The Press.

Before we get to your questions, I’d like to address a suggestion from Martin Ostrye: “Arianna: Instead of asking for questions for Russert, what you might want to do is organize a boycott of the program.”

What, and give Tim a timetable for our withdrawal? No, Martin, I'm afraid we'll just have to stay the here are some of your questions:

SF: Question for Duncan Hunter: So, apparently torturing prisoners is ok, as long as you follow that up by serving two types of fruit with dinner?

Nick Cosmidis: Question for Rep. Duncan Hunter: If it indeed proves true that someone high ranking at the White House has compromised the career of one of our dedicated intelligence agents, what do you think President Bush should do about it?

MerlinHenry: Question for Rep. Duncan Hunter: Seeing that there were memos that the White House had fixed the intelligence going into Iraq, would you support a resolution for impeachment based on lying to congress and the American people?

FeelingTheLove: Question for Sen. Hagel: Senator Hagel, President Bush kicked off his first term by demanding that his staff conduct themselves in the highest of ethical standards. Do you believe this administration has lived up to those standards? "

artey: Question for Sen. Hagel: Senator Hagel, when did the mission change to "democratizing the mid-east"?

mike: Question for Sen. Hagel: When will congress convene hearings regarding the lead up to war and the manner in which the President has waged his war?

Gary Wood: Question for the roundtable: One number: 42. 42% approval rating for the president, 42% want impeachment. Which number goes up and which goes down?

cfk: Question for the round table: I would sincerely like to know: who are the very best possible nominees with a knowledge of the law, and sane, fair previous judgments that we could all feel good about, rather than continuing to be divided?