10/17/2010 12:20 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Sunday Roundup

With the midterm elections just over two weeks away, it seems like a good time to review exactly what things the GOP is a-okay with: Emailing bestiality porn? Check (Carl Paladino); Dabbling in witchcraft, but shunning masturbation? Check (Christine O'Donnell); Saying gays and sexually active single women shouldn't be allowed to teach? Check (Jim DeMint); Calling unemployment benefits unconstitutional? Check (Joe Miller); Eliminating Medicare? Check (Paul Ryan); forcing the US to withdraw from the UN? Check (Sharron Angle); Advocating repeal of the 17th Amendment? Check (Joe Miller again). Who says the Tea Party is intolerant? Indeed, aside from playing Nazi dress-up as a father/son bonding experience, you can do and say just about anything... as long as you want to "take back your country."