07/10/2005 02:05 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Sunday Roundup

This week on HuffPost was dominated by two stories. It started with the revelations on the Rove-Plame scandal (including the latest scoop from David Corn) and ended, tragically, with the London bombings. Our bloggers rode the headlines here at home and delivered real-time responses to the breaking news from Britain. Don’t miss Jann Wenner, Jamie Rubin, Simon Jenkins, Bertis Downs, Mabel McKeown, Irshad Manji, Marty Kaplan, Hooman Majd, Paul Krassner, Josh Silver, and Kathryn Ireland on London, and David Corn, Kenneth Lerer, Lawrence O’Donnell, Adam McKay, Byron York, James Moore, Craig Crawford, Walter Shapiro, Deanne Stillman, and Tom Hayden on Rove-Plame. Plus, Danielle Crittenden on the Olympics, David Sirota on Britt Hume, Marc Cooper on Africa, Gene Stone on religion, and Paul Rieckhoff on our troops.