05/12/2012 11:58 pm ET Updated Jul 12, 2012

Sunday Roundup

This week, risky trades by JP Morgan caused $2 billion in losses and showed why muscular banking regulation is still so badly needed; Rick Santorum endorsed Romney in an email sent out around midnight with no advance notice to reporters -- just one step short of sending his endorsement directly to spam folders; and, of course, the week's top story was obviously President Obama's "I do" on gay marriage -- a groundbreaking move that aligned him with Dr. King's evocative suggestion that we be the headlights of history, not the taillights. Thank you for your bold leadership, Mr. President. Now, if you can get to know as many unemployed people as you do gay people, perhaps you'll provide equally bold leadership on jobs. Finally, here's wishing moms everywhere a very happy Mother's Day!

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