06/16/2012 11:40 pm ET Updated Aug 16, 2012

Sunday Roundup

This week, America's sports pages took on a much darker tone as the Jerry Sandusky sex abuse trial got underway and Lance Armstrong was hit with yet another round of doping allegations. Meanwhile, Jamie Dimon's Senate visit left both Democratic and Republican senators looking foolish. On the Democratic side, an ill-prepared Jeff Merkley told Dimon he wouldn't have a job if the government hadn't bailed out his bank with TARP funds -- a claim Dimon swatted away as "factually wrong." On the GOP side, Senators Jim DeMint and Bob Corker used the opportunity to rail against ineffective regulation they've dedicated themselves to making ineffective. Jon Stewart summed up the political jujitsu perfectly: "It must be fun to be a Republican senator... you get the fun of breaking shit and the joy of complaining that the shit you just broke doesn't work." It all made you long for Elizabeth Warren as Dimon's cross-examiner.

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