01/18/2014 11:58 pm ET Updated Mar 20, 2014

Sunday Roundup

Academy Award nominations were released Thursday, and it was clear that Oscar voters were really into retro movies about bad guys, swindlers and financial fiascoes -- with American Hustle and The Wolf of Wall Street both scoring big. Meanwhile, on the other coast, today's bad guys, swindlers and fiascoes were a lot less entertaining. On Wall Street, modern wolves continue to wreak havoc with impunity: according to a new study, in recent years, the government hasn't held individuals accountable in two-thirds of the cases in which it's charged companies with crimes. And in D.C., a bipartisan group of senators continued its attempt to scuttle talks with Iran by imposing more sanctions -- a move the Obama administration said would amount to a "march to war." America's Unnecessary Middle East War franchise is not one that needs a remake, and this scenario should quickly be put into turnaround. If not, All Is Lost may become more than the title of a snubbed film.