04/26/2014 11:27 pm ET Updated Jun 26, 2014

Sunday Roundup

This week, Mika Brzezinski and I hosted our second Third Metric conference. Last year, we had 300 people crammed into my living room. This year, we had over 2,000 people at the New York City Center -- all embracing the notion that success needs to be redefined beyond money and power. Over the two days of the event, we were collectively inspired, moved, encouraged and galvanized as we heard from neuroscientists, authors, singers, entrepreneurs, yoga instructors, CEOs, comedians and medical doctors. And we took away practical tools and tips to allow us to incorporate more well-being, wisdom, wonder and giving into our daily lives. We wanted the conference to serve as a bridge -- from knowing to doing, from idea to action. Thanks to everyone, onstage and off, who crossed that bridge with us -- and you can make the journey too by watching the video of the event here.