06/14/2008 01:42 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Sunday Roundup

This week, Bush's imperial presidency took another hit from the Supreme Court that initially put him in place. Score one for habeas corpus. John McCain once again showed there is very little space between himself and Bush on the "transcendent issues," declaring the Gitmo ruling "one of the worst in this country's history." McCain also claimed it was "not too important" when our troops come home from Iraq. Elsewhere, Fox News topped (or is it bottomed?) its "terrorist fist jab" sleaze, calling Michelle "Obama's Baby Mama." Somewhere, David Duke is smiling. This week also saw the shocking death of Tim Russert. The disbelief and sadness aroused by his sudden and untimely passing have led to many Father's Day weekend conversations about the fragility of life and the need to count our blessings while we are here.