04/26/2008 01:23 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Sunday Roundup

This week featured the through-the-looking glass moment when Bill Clinton accused Barack Obama of having "played the race card on me," then denied saying it just a few hours later -- even though he'd said it on the radio. I know Toni Morrison called Clinton the first black president, but that's taking things too far. Joining the outrageous parade, John McCain said it's "very clear" that Hamas wants Obama to be president, and that he would be open to "tearing down" New Orleans' Katrina-devastated Lower 9th Ward. Not to be left out, Hillary Clinton vowed to "totally obliterate" Iran if it attacked Israel, and repeatedly claimed to have "received more votes" than "anyone else" -- which is absolutely true... if you "totally obliterate" her pledge to disavow Michigan and Florida.