06/11/2005 04:38 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

The Russert Watch: Readers Ask Tough Questions; Will Russert?

Yesterday we asked you to send us the questions you’d like to hear Tim Russert ask Sen. Joe Biden, Congressman Curt Weldon, and the roundtable of Washington insiders that will appear on tomorrow's Meet the Press. We've gotten great responses, but keep 'em coming.

Here are the top questions we've gotten so far:

For Rep. Weldon:
  • Barbara Aycock: If you seriously think we should invade Iran, where are we going to get the soldiers? With Army and Marine recruitment well below targets, do you think Guardsmen and Reservists can continue to carry the load?

  • The Oklatexan: Do you want to be Oil Minister of Iran?

  • odograph: Do you think Americans will accept lies as easily in the run-up to their next war?

  • Kevin Hayden: Given all the past much publicized errors of our intelligence services, how can you say that your sources are now correct in claiming that Iran's developing WMDs or in league with Al Qaida? And do you really think Americans will prove gullible enough to trust you or anyone in the Bush administration after so many people who disputed the previous claims apparently were correct?
For Senator Biden:
  • Anna: You're so cute when you're mad -- but why do you so frequently talk tough on TV, and then back off and take the other side?
For the Panel:
  • Emily: Why must we allow people we interview to make statements we know to be false, without challenging them, in order to have "balance?"