09/12/2012 05:15 pm ET Updated Nov 21, 2012

Timeless Truths

Our idea with Huffington was to create a different kind of reading experience -- with longer pieces, deeper reporting and beautiful images. Each issue is meant to be taken in over time, instead of gulped down on the way to work. In our hyper-connected world, it's easy to know the facts, data and statistics about a story, but facts are different than truth.

And one way to get at deeper truths and meaning is by the kind of long-form reporting we've been featuring at Huffington since the first issue, with reporters putting flesh and blood on the data being thrown at us. But there's also a kind of truth that you can only get through untruth -- through fiction. And that's why we're now adding fiction and poetry to our menu at Huffington.

As practically any fact in the world has become more and more easily available to us, the timeless truths have become more elusive. So each section in our fiction issue will have a timeless theme, and explore that theme in different ways through stories and poetry. This issue's themes will be explained in our editors' letter here.

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