04/11/2011 04:14 pm ET Updated Jun 11, 2011

Are You a Myth Buster?

As an author (of any subject matter), being successful means you have to be a good myth buster. There are countless myths and beliefs that prevent people from moving forward in their lives or careers. Identify common myths or beliefs that people hold and then show them why it's not true as you share your wisdom/book/product. How can your knowledge help them? From your book, blog, products, speaking engagements and marketing plan -- always design your message around being a creative and thorough myth-buster.

Do you recognize (or relate) to any of these myths? Below are examples of Fact and Proof statements an author could use.

Myth: All the good men/women are taken - I can't find my soul mate.
Fact: There are 500 million singles just in the US alone and you only need one. Here's how you can manifest your soul mate.
Proof: Here are 10 success stories of people (including myself) who used simple strategies to attract the perfect mate.

Myth: My childhood was so bad I will never be happy.
Fact: Anyone can be happy. People who have experienced tragic circumstances, including death camps have gone on to live fulfilling, joyful lives.
Proof: See how other successful and happy people worked through their grief and pain by using these simple tools.

Myth: I am not a techie person, I will never be able to make money online
Fact: Successful internet businesses have been started by people with little or no computer knowledge, from children to grandparents. Making money online only requires you to follow your passion and seek out good resources.
Proof: These case studies will show you the step-by-step process to starting your own internet business and making money in 24 hours.

How do you convince someone that what you are saying is true and can work for them? Proof! Offer the reader real-life success stories of the average (and the not so average) person using your techniques to improve their lives.

Every step of your journey should include capturing success stories. I ask people every time I connect with someone that I want to hear about their story and the best way to reach me. I ask for reactions, stories and insights on my social media accounts. With their permission I also use their story and their picture in my newsletter. People love to be asked to share their successes. You don't have to bribe someone. If they are really excited to share their story their enthusiasm will come through and make for a great contribution.