02/21/2009 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Obama's Inauguration: What You Didn't See On TV!

Millions turned up to Washington to witness history. HBO exclusively broadcast the inaugural concert at the Lincoln Memorial with acts like U2 and Mary J. Blige. And record numbers tuned in on inauguration day to CNN for exclusive coverage like, "Obama wipes his nose" on the parade viewing stand. And millions more watched the live feed. We can't remember Washington ever being so cool. What follows are our most unforgettable moments from the inauguration festivities in honor of the 44th President Barack Hussein Obama.

Wyclef Jean doing backflips on the stage of the Green Ball and playing his guitar Jimi Hendrix style. Despite the event name, there were no hippies in sight. It was the future of environmentalism, from press kits on USB drive to an appearance by Treehugger founder Graham Hill.


Attending all the same balls as Hayden Panettiere. She was accompanied by Whaleman Foundation founder Jeff Pantukhoff, and D.C.'s Senator Paul Strauss. If given a spot in Obama's cabinet, Hayden told us, "I would probably choose a position that dealt with environmental causes."

But the Heroes star won't complain if our new Prez doesn't get to it tomorrow: "I hope that people also take into consideration how much he has on his plate."

D.C. Fashion. We never tired of seeing variations of the same flammable tiered gown worn by at least 18 women at each ball. We asked one woman where she got hers: Macy's.

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Sarah Silverman telling us backstage at the Declare Yourself party that she'd like to be Obama's barber. "Because his hair is easy, and it's always a good time to talk. And shockingly, because I have bad hair, I enjoy doing others."

Norman Lear, shushing all the chatterboxes in the crowd so he could speak. The world premiere of Keith Carradine's song, "I am a born again American." The original Declare Yourself spoken word poets following Jamie Foxx's beat-boxing. John Legend playing "Redemption Song."

Congratulating Senator Al Franken! N.B.S. telling us they wanted to redecorate the Whitehouse with Gucci and Louis Vuitton.


Cash Warren telling someone backstage, "You should meet my wife." Watching the Maroon 5 set from stage left. A crowd surrounding the DJ booth to take photos of Samantha Ronson, instead of dancing. A pouty Lindsay Lohan sipping a Red Bull in a corner. Giftbags full of sponsorship opportunities.

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Every man in the room using the line, "I don't want to brag, but I've met Obama," to hit on chicks. A man claiming he was the one who introduced Ben & Jerry to Obama . . . although he had no idea about "Yes, Pecan!"

Carrie Fisher dipping her hand in the white chocolate fountain at the Pajama Party, licking it off, then going back for more. Throwing glitter in everyone's faces. Dancing with Mo Rocca, who was wearing ducky pajamas with matching slippers.

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OBAMA HEADQUARTERS on every streetcorner! Makeshift shops selling official(?) inaugural swag.

Witnessing a hundred young people who decided to attend Do Something's social action bootcamp instead of sleeping in on the MLK National Day of Service. Tobin Van Ostern's, founder of Students for Obama, keynote speech, revealing the secrets behind the Obama Facebook launch.

Chasing the Jonas Brothers around the Huffington Post ball at the Newseum. Meeting the amazing Michael J. Fox and his son Sam (they have matching glasses!). Sting rocking out with, and Marisa Tomei leaning over the balcony and singing along. The fact that nobody appeared to be liveblogging in a room full of bloggers. Arianna making sure to say hello to everyone. A New Years countdown to the new era complete with party hats and noisemakers.

Seeing protesters throw their shoes at a giant inflatable effigy, complete with Pinocchio nose, of George W. Bush in Dupont Circle.

Drinking limited edition Hennessy 44 at the Hip Hop Ball. Griff Jenkins wearing a paisley tuxedo. Bouncers throwing out two kids onto the street who snuck in to take pictures of T.I.

Being picked up by a taxicab with a cardboard cutout of Obama riding shotgun.

Realizing that because we failed to get up at 4:30 AM on swearing-in day, our tickets to the Inauguration were worthless . . . or maybe not? A cop who failed to let us into the stands advised us to sell our tickets on Craigslist: "They're going for four grand, at least."

The camaraderie in the crowd on Capitol Hill. The crowd joking that Dick Cheney threw out his back while destroying boxes of files.

The Google Bash lit by fluorescent lights. Sergey Brin hiding in the VIP section. Partygoers liveblogging and twittering and facebooking all night long. YouTube founder Chad Hurley posing with fans.

Rihanna congratulating Shakira on "playing that thing," at the Feeding America concert. That thing would be a harmonica.

After shelling out for tickets to the official balls, having to buy your own drinks. . . and even worse, having to stand on line to buy tickets before queuing up a second time to buy said drinks. Carnival prices: one ticket for a coke...four for a champagne. Couldn't they get a sponsorship?

The obligatory prom glamor shots in front of an Inaugural background. You could get yours framed for $120.

Hawaiian Jack Johnson proclaiming this to be the first concert he's performed in a suit, and the third concert he's played wearing shoes.

Millions waited in the cold for a glimpse of our new Presidential couple, and yet when they came out on stage, they watched the whole speech behind their camcorders.

Michelle whispering to Barack at their Home States Ball, "You're a great dancer." His response? "You're better." Michelle smiling when we screamed, "You're a lucky man, Obama!"

Joe Biden thanking Hawaii and Illinois for "producing Barack Obama."