08/15/2014 11:54 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Coolest Fictional Office Space -- Thomas Crown Affair

Given that TheSquareFoot helps people find office space, it's only natural that I often think about my favorite offices in New York. My brain tends to go on tangents pretty frequently, so sometimes I begin to think about my favorite fictional office space. I was struggling with deciding which was my favorite this until this past weekend, when I watched the 1999 version of The Thomas Crown Affair for the one hundredth time. As Thomas Crown (Pierce Bronson) struts through the building he owns right before he sells a company for "13 million more than anyone else was asking", we see the entrance to 'Crown Acquisitions'. The movie was filmed in New York and they filmed this scene at the former Bank of New York Mellon building on 32 Old Slip - on the east corner of Front Street in Manhattan's Financial District.

Quick side tangent -- it is amazing that only 15 years ago, $13 million was thought of as a big number. In todays world of SnapChat and WhatsApp, you would think the script would call for at least $100 million here, back to topic....

As Thomas Crown walks through the reception area on the way to his corner office, you notice the striking views of the Hudson and the rest of the Financial District. There are also massive paintings hanging from the ceiling, for which we must assume are collectors pieces and very expensive. My one thought as to what he must be thinking as he greets everyone at Crown Acquisitions is, "this is what being a master of the universe must feel like".

His office itself is exactly what you would expect -- a corner office with floor to ceiling windows with stunning views of the city soaked in sunlight. It's obviously huge with an impressive office furniture as well as an area to lounge and pour himself some scotch.

I think anyone would agree that an office like this would make coming to work fun, each and every day.

Fun Little Known Fact: Thomas Crown's suite of offices was actually the corporate headquarters of Lucent Technologies, and one of the boats in the yacht race scene is identified as Lucent.

Images courtesy of OnTheSetNewYork