02/13/2012 09:04 am ET Updated Apr 11, 2012

How to Date Your Mate: 6 Tips to Fan the Flame on Valentine's Day

It's Valentine's day again and no doubt restaurants will be full of star-struck, dopamine-heavy couples falling in love. Some may even be getting engaged. But if you've been coupled for a while, Valentine's day may feel routine. In fact, you may be at that stage where your sweetheart is dangerously close to becoming the "old ball and chain."

This is a holiday to reconnect and celebrate your love, not spend your evening arguing about the finances, the kids, or your in-laws. And you don't want to be that old couple in the corner who sits in stony silence. So here are some tips to make your date night special, no matter how many Valentines you've had together. Warning: You just might ignite some passion.

Using these six strategies will enhance your connection and remind you why you choose to be together. "Long term" doesn't have to mean "dull." In fact, as true love matures, it becomes richer and deeper than the fleeting spark of infatuation. So go out, celebrate, and fan a flame of romance for the one you love.

6 Tips To Fan The Flame On Valentine's Day